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Site Recovery Manager 5.1 installation fails connecting to database – dbmanager could not initialize vdb connection

Written March 29th, 2013 by
Categories: Virtualization

I recently ran into an issue when installing SRM and thought I’d share. I didn’t get a screenshot, but the error was something like this:

Failed to Initialize – dbmanager could not initialize vdb connection – odbc error

If you click skip from there, it’ll fail to create the tables, and eventually get to the point where you’ll have to roll back.

As it turns out, it was due to a c0mp73x”P@s$w0rd! that caused the problem. I’m not sure what characters killed it, but going to a less complex pAs5w0rd worked fine. ODBC worked fine, user & permissions were set up properly, it just came down to SRM not being able to handle the special characters. What’s strange is a similarly complex password works for vCenter.

Hope this helps, have fun out there!

SCCM 2007 will not auto apply drivers to newer hardware

Written March 4th, 2013 by
Categories: SCCM

The Problem

The hardware inventory file generated by the Auto Apply Drivers step is over 100k, which is the size limit for the MatchDriversSP process SCCM runs to provide the right drivers.  The process then fails.


The Solution

Create individual driver packages for each model and have a WMI query to apply those drivers as needed.


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