A few days ago I received a comment on This Post requesting a custom script to take a list of VMs from a file and convert them to thick. I quickly slapped something together and sent it to him for testing.

**REMEMBER** When converting thin to thick (or vice versa), you have to actually migrate the VM to a different datastore.

I’m posting this because it can be coupled with another post I have about Exporting VMs with Thin Disks to a CSV file, which would work perfectly for this. Run this one first to get a CSV with all your thin provisioned VMs.

In the Export Thin script, you will need to change the VM header in the CSV file to Name, since that’s what the migrate script looks for (or change the migrate script, up to you), add in a Destination header for the destination datastore in the CSV file after it’s exported. You could then plan it all out so your VMs are moved to specific datastores.

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