Most people want to go from thick to thin to save space. I, on the other hand, want to convert my VMs from thin to thick. Thin provisioning buys you time, basically, but what do you do when you’re vastly over provisioned and your VMs are filling up available physical storage? Sure, you can manually go to each VM and use the GUI to migrate them and convert each one to thick. I had a couple hundred that were thin provisioned and needed them converted to thick.

I’ve been moving from 500GB LUNs to 1TB LUNs, so I scripted it out to migrate VMs over, as well as convert to thick using the New-Object cmdlet.

This is pretty basic, I didn’t put a lot of logic in it, as I had everything planned out already. You’ll need to change the ‘dest_datastore’ on line 2 for your destination datastore, and ‘src_datastore’ on line 4 to the source datastore.

This was done using the the API, and reference is here for relocation and here for transformation.