I received a demo of the Ultrabook and I have to say I’m pleased out of the box.  It’s obvious it took some cues from the ‘other’ laptop, and it’s nice.  First thing I noticed is how light and thin it is.  It’s probably as thick as my Viewsonic G Tablet, and boots faster.  I timed it, from the time I pressed the power button, until I had a mouse pointer without the ‘wait’ signal, was about 20 seconds.  The windows boot logo never even finished!  Craziness.

It’s snappy, runs the i7-2637M with 4GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD.  It has the typical USB 3.0 & display ports, and that’s really it, other than headset & power barrel connectors.

The screen is almost edge to edge, has ambient light sensor, web cam, and stereo mics up top.  The keyboard really nice, easier to type on than my E6420, and the sound is crystal clear.  It was actually impressive how well the audio is, it surprised me.  I cranked it up in my cube and realized I was probably interfering with those on the phone.  I’m still streaming pandora as I type this amazed at the quality from this tiny thing.

Like a lot of the newer laptops, it has a rubber gasket around the glass to keep dust out when closed.

The back cover is a nice aluminum, which goes well with the aluminum trim around the base.  What got me was the carbon fiber on the bottom.

It’s running Windows 7 and scored a 5.4, due to graphics for Aero (typical in a laptop).  The SSD hit 7.9, CPU hit 6.8, and RAM hit 5.9.

Overall, I really like it, despite missing a true HDMI port, or SD card reader (things I use more often than not).

Pretty sweet, imo, too bad I have to give it back :-(

Please excuse the quality of my cell phone pics, the don’t do it justice.