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Creating your own Root CA with OpenSSL on Windows, and signing vCenter or SRM certs

In This Post, I created certificates for my SRM & vCenter servers where I used a separate signing authority. What if you don’t have one, but still want to use your own certs? You create your own Root Certificate Authority (root CA) via OpenSSL. Here’s how…
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Creating Certificates for VMware SRM or vCenter using openSSL made easy, with Video!

Written April 4th, 2012 by
Categories: Virtualization

Some of the documentation around creating certificates for vCenter or SRM seems to be lacking, so I documented a few steps for each and outlined the differences, also created a video :)

This can be done from any machine, as long as openssl is installed. If you’re creating/requesting multiple certs, create folders for each request and work from within there so you don’t mix them up. I use d:\cert\vcenter and d:\cert\srm. I added “D:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin\” to may path variable so it’ll work in any folder I’m in.

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