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System Error: vmodl.fault.hostcommunication

I upgraded one of my lab hosts to ESXi 4.1 yesterday and was plagued with this error:

System Error: vmodl.fault.hostcommunication


A lot of people are getting this error without a lot of direction. As it turns out, this is because I upgraded one of my hosts to 4.1 without upgrading vCenter to 4.1. Silly me! Who would have thought that vSphere vCenter couldn’t manage a vSphere host because it’s rev is 0.1 higher?

Playing with the Dell Streak – GSM Android ‘Tablet’ Phone

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I recently got the chance to play with the Dell Streak. If you haven’t heard, the Streak is the latest GSM Android phone from Dell. I use the term phone loosely, however, as it’s more of a tablet.

Sure, it’s a phone, but using it as a phone felt quit odd, like I went back in time and was holding an old ‘brick’ phone to my head. Ideally, you’d want to use some form of handsfree device with it so you don’t have to hold the tablet up to your face.

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