I recently got the chance to play with the Dell Streak. If you haven’t heard, the Streak is the latest GSM Android phone from Dell. I use the term phone loosely, however, as it’s more of a tablet.

Sure, it’s a phone, but using it as a phone felt quit odd, like I went back in time and was holding an old ‘brick’ phone to my head. Ideally, you’d want to use some form of handsfree device with it so you don’t have to hold the tablet up to your face.

One feature I thought was pretty amazing was the Gorilla Glass, as pointed out here by Engadget.  I didn’t have the guts to test it the way they did, especially since I borrowed it from my director, who had it on loan from Dell.

I was able to snap a quick comparison pic from another EVO user, comparing the Streak to an EVO to a MyTouch (we keep the lights off in our office, so it’s dark and had to use the LED flash).  Still, the pictures do not portray the sheer size of this thing.  True, it’s no iPad, but it’s still large.  The second pic was taken with a Sprint Hero and the settings were set for MMS, so it’s kind of small.  At any rate, you get the idea.

The Android launcher included was nice, it allowed you to expand your screens on the fly, but it was still running Donut.  The MyTouch is on Froyo (rooted ROM from lefeudedieu).

Dell Streak
Streak vs MyTouch
Streak vs MyTouch