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ESXi Auto configuration script

Lets face it, repetition sucks. When provisioning ESX hosts, using such things as the EDA make life easier, but it only does so much for ESXi.

The install for ESXi is simple and straight forward, but when done, you have to go and set everything else (IP, hostname, DNS, local users, etc…). Doing this for 20 hosts could be a PITA (Pain In The A..), so I set out on writing a script that does all of this for you.

All you have to do is set the IP & root password, then verify you can ping the host by it’s hostname (set host/A record in DNS). Once that’s verified, here’s what the script does for you:

  • Creates an Admins group and assigns it to the Administrator role
  • Creates local users, sets their default password, and adds them to the Admins group
  • Sets primary & secondary NTP & DNS servers
  • Sets DNS search suffix
  • Combines the provided hostname with DNS search suffix to populate the hostname FQDN
  • Sets EnableNaviReg to 0, disabled (requested by my storage team)
  • Disables iSCSI (disabled by default, but enabled in my sd image I created from previous post, thus the need to disable)
  • Disabled Tech Support Mode, aka ‘unsupported’ console

This is a slightly more advanced script, and it’s not fully polished, but works. Read the rest of this entry »

Southwing Hands-Free Blutooth Car Kit

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So, I picked this item up from today’s Woot off.


Southwing Hands-Free Blutooth Car Kit


Dell’s Caption Contest Winner gets trip to VMworld 2010

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Click here for more information.

Voting ends this Friday at 5pm CST and I’m currently in 3rd place. I’d appreciate any votes I can get, as I doubt my employer will send me to VMworld again this year.

If you view the leader board, mine are by “cougar694u” and the one I like most says “I told you we should’ve bought the m1000e filled with m610’s instead of this unstable UCS carp!”

I have a feeling the first two people have people gunning for them, as they’re growing daily, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?

Using PowerCLI to rescan HBA and VMFS v2

I wanted to expand This Script to allow you to specify hosts as well, instead of just vCenter.

This came about because we have 20 new hosts that need storage so we can build our new vCenter server on them, and my old script wouldn’t suffice.

I know you can rescan at the container level (cluster, folder, datacenter), but sometimes the processes would hang on large clusters, other times I’d have to rescan twice. I like this script because it rescans all HBAs one by one, then rescans VMFS after. One could probably add the -runasync, but then it’s the same as the right-click in vCenter.

So, without further ado, here’s the updated script: Read the rest of this entry »

Working with VMware View

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This past week I’ve been working on putting together a presentation to the CIO and senior business leadership for our plans for a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The presentation will include a short PowerPoint backed discussion as well as a live demo using VMware View. I’ve been working with Scott Reopelle from the Desktop team as his team will be the application owner for the broker as well as continuing the support and development of Desktops no matter the platform. Read the rest of this entry »

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