I’m sure many of you have dealt with trying to figure out how much RAM you can shove in a box, say an R720, and still keep RAM speeds up. I actually had some docs from Dell, figures, diagrams, graphs, and a few charts. Even then, it was difficult.

Enter the “Dell 12G Memory Solution Tool”. It is a website that allows you to test RAM & CPU configurations to get optimal speeds. For instance, you can select the R720, 2 CPUs, and that you want 256GB of RAM. That’s a nicely sized box for virtualization. The tool tells me I can get 16x 16GB of 2R4 DIMMS at 1333MHz or 1600MHz. Of course, I’m going to go with the 1600MHz! What if I want to bump the RAM? I checked out 384GB & 512GB to see how they stack up; 384GB gives me the option for 24 16GB DIMMS, but drops my speed to 1066; and 512GB has two options, either 800MHz, or 1333MHz (yes please!).

It also shows you some quick price & power consumption rankings on a 1-5 scale.

Pretty awesome, imo! Here’s the link: http://poweredgecpumemory.com/