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Script to pull host UUID for VMware PowerCLI

Written February 2nd, 2011 by
Categories: Scripts

A reader on a previous post asked about pulling host UUIDs, so I wipped together this script.

Usage is like this:
Get-VMHostUUID.ps1 -vmhosts ("host1","host2","host3")or
Get-VMHostUUID.ps1 -vc vcenterserver -container cluster1/folder/dc/etc
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PowerCLI script to get Datastore UUIDs

Written April 29th, 2010 by
Categories: Scripts, Virtualization

Awhile back a guy at the San Antonio VMUG asked the technical group how you could get the actual LUN UUID for a particular Datastore. I informed him that it was available via the PowerCLI and to contact me via the VMUG forums. He never did. My storage guy at work loves this script, though, so I thought I’d share it with everybody.

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