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How to check transmission fluid in Ford 6R75 and 6R80 2007+ Expedition, 2009+ F150, 2011+ Mustang 6-speed automatic

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Those of you with the 6R75 or 6R80 (Ford’s newer 6-speed auto transmission found in 2007+ Expedition and 2009+ F150) may have been slightly alarmed when you popped the hood for the first time and can’t find a transmission dip stick.  A few Google searches may also leave you baffled and ready to get rid of your vehicle because of all the misinformation. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of it, too much, imo.

I bought a 2007 Expedition back in April and found it amusing that I couldn’t check my transmission fluid. It’s one of the ‘regular’ things you should always do, I still check my oil at almost every fuel-up, that’s pretty much just how I was raised. I pull a trailer from time to time, so not having something I can put my own eyes on worried me. I did some Googling and was met with such phrases as “sealed system”, “dealer only service”, but the gold medal winner wrote it was a ‘throw away transmission, just use it til it breaks and get another’. Seriously? How ignorant can one be? The manual states something along the lines of fluid change at 30k miles if you’re pulling a trailer 100% of the time, and was vague otherwise (or I simply ADD’d over it). My friend Google gave me a wide range of 100k to 150k miles.

I decided to do what I should have done before going to Google, and that was simply get personal with my vehicle. Read the rest of this entry »

SCCM 2007 OSD Fails with Error 80070032 – Failed to make volume bootable or The request is not supported

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If you’re using a 12th Generation Dell server, disable the SD Card in the BIOS.  Keep reading for how I discovered this.

We recently received a handful of new Dell R720s and needed to lay down Windows Server 2008 x64. Got everything cabled, powered them up, PXE booted from our SCCM 2007 machine, it formatted the disks, and right when it went to deploy the OS, it failed with (taken from the SCCM Console, advertisement status):

The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Apply Operating System) in the group (Install Operating System) with the error code 2147942450
Action output: d-x64.xml”
Not a data image
TSLaunchMode: PXE
OSDUseAlreadyDeployedImage: FALSE
Searching for next available volume:
Volume E:\ is a valid target.
Found volume E:!sSystemPart.empty(), HRESULT=80004005 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\diskvolume.cpp,128)
Unable to locate a bootable volume. Attempting to make E:\ bootable.
volume.getDisk() == iBootDisk, HRESULT=80070032 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\applyos\installcommon.cpp,680)
MakeVolumeBootable( pszVolume ), HRESULT=80070032 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\applyos\installcommon.cpp,759)
ConfigureBootVolume(targetVolume), HRESULT=80070032 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\applyos\applyos.cpp,364)
System partition not set
Volume E:\ is not on the boot disk and can not be made bootable.
Failed to make volume E:\ bootable. Please ensure that you have set an active partition on the boot disk before installing the operating system.
The request is not supported. (Error: 80070032; Source: Windows). The operating system reported error 2147942450: The request is not supported.

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