Awhile back a guy at the San Antonio VMUG asked the technical group how you could get the actual LUN UUID for a particular Datastore. I informed him that it was available via the PowerCLI and to contact me via the VMUG forums. He never did. My storage guy at work loves this script, though, so I thought I’d share it with everybody.

Here’s the script:

param([string]$vc = "vc" , [string]$vmhost = "vmhost" , [string]$ds = "ds")
Add-PSSnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core
function usage() {
	Write-Host -foregroundcolor green "Use this script to get the actual Lun ID of a particular Datastore"
	Write-Host "`n"
	Write-Host -foregroundcolor green "Usage:"
	Write-Host -foregroundcolor yellow "`tGet-LunID -vc <virtualcenter hostname> -vmhost <ESX host name> -ds <Datastore name>"
	Write-Host "`n"
	Write-Host -foregroundcolor green "The VC hostname must be a hostname for which you have stored credentials (see New-VICredentialStoreItem)!"
	Write-Host -foregroundcolor green "The ESX host must be the full name of a host that can access the Datastore."
	Write-Host "`n"
function glid([string]$vmhost,[string]$dsname) {
	$ds = Get-View (Get-View (Get-VMHost -Name $vmhost).ID).ConfigManager.StorageSystem
	foreach ($vol in $ds.FileSystemVolumeInfo.MountInfo) {
		if ($vol.Volume.Name -eq $dsname) {
			Write-host "DS Name:`t" $vol.Volume.Name
			Write-host "VMFS UUID:`t" $vol.Volume.Uuid
			foreach ($volid in $vol.Volume.Extent) {
				foreach ($lun in $ds.StorageDeviceInfo.MultipathInfo.Lun){
					if ($lun.Id -eq $volid.DiskName) {
		Write-Host "LUN Name:`t" $lun.ID
		$mid = $lun.ID
		foreach ($id in $ds.StorageDeviceInfo.ScsiLun) {
			if ($id.CanonicalName -eq $mid) {
				$uuid = $id.Uuid
				Write-host "LUN UUID:`t" $uuid
if (($vc -eq "vc") -or ($vmhost -eq "vmhost") -or ($ds -eq "ds")) {
} else {
	$cd = Get-VICredentialStoreItem -host $vc
	Connect-VIServer -server $ -user $cd.user -password $cd.password
	Write-Host "`n"
	glid $vmhost $ds
	disconnect-viserver -confirm:$False

Expected output should be something like this:

DS Name: DRTCRL0011101_VM_002
VMFS UUID: 481f5e2a-142ab69b-9ce3-001422168f72
LUN Name: vmhba1:2:1
LUN UUID: 0200010000600601605f1119008b9bac46a017dd11524149442035

This information may be useful when dealing on the storage side of things so you don’t pull the wrong LUN!