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Installing Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V 3 in VMware ESXi 5 & Workstation 8

I found several posts regarding ‘nesting’ hypervisors (installing a hypervisor within a hypervisor), since I wanted to test out Hyper-V in a VM, and followed this one from William Lam.  It worked to allow Hyper-V to pass validation, but after a few reboots, I’d get the dreaded “Windows can’t boot” screen. You have the option to continue, which only reboots to this screen; repair, which gives a command prompt and a few other options; or power off.

 <-- I would get this far, reboot 3 times, then Windows Server 8 would die, as follows.  <-- First option would end up back here  <-- Second option above ends up here I tried the typical bootcfg commands, but it couldn't read the boot.ini. Some other tests were showing the disk was read-only, which was strange. William's post was for 2008 R2 and not Windows Server 8, but it worked for the most part. I did have a few other issues I worked through, continue reading for those and how I fixed them. Read the rest of this entry »

Script to join ESXi 5 hosts to Active Directory for Directory Services Authentication

I’m getting ready to upgrade a ton of our ESXi hosts to 5 and wanted a quick way to join all of them to AD after. I could probably do a fresh install and incorporate this into my ESXi Config Script, that’s a consideration, but for the time being, a script that targets clusters, folders, vDCs, etc, will work. The script can also target individual ESXi hosts, they do not have to be joined to vCenter.
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