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Editing vDS Distributed Port Groups with vSphere Distributed Switch PowerCLI cmdlets

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I’ve been toying with the vSphere Distributed Switch PowerCLI cmdlets off and on and have had mixed results. It’s worth noting it only works in 32-bit PowerShell, so if you’re wondering why you get do ‘get-vds’, it’s either because the snap-in is not there, or you’re in 64-bit PS. I have a vDS with 17 ‘Networks’, although one is the uplink, and the others are actual distributed port groups.  I added “Add-PSSnapin VMware.* -erroraction silentlycontinue” to my profile, so anytime I open PowerShell, I get all VMware snapins.

I was having difficulty because I was getting errors, things weren’t working as I expected, etc.  I’ll explain why…

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Cisco UCS Blade System – Part 4 – A much needed update

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A few years ago, we were one of the first/early adopters of UCS. At that time, it was clearly in it’s infancy and not ready for prime time, our local Cisco guys didn’t even know anything about it. If you care to read those previous posts, they can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. I was fairly bitter when I wrote those, but with good reason. I ‘wasted’ a lot of time (read weeks or months) jacking with it and had nothing but problems. Read the rest of this entry »

Updated: Finding WWNs for HBAs in ESXi hosts, now with get-vmhosthba

This is an update to my original get-WWN script using Get-View. Get-VMHostHba was pointed out to me by Robert van den Nieuwendijk, vExpert 2012, so I wanted to provide an update to my original post HERE. I attached the ps1 file at the end.

With the addition of get-vmhosthba in PowerCLI, you can get this information somewhat easier. At line 46

$hbas = Get-View (Get-View (Get-VMHost -Name $vmhost).ID).ConfigManager.StorageSystem


$hbas = Get-VMHostHba -vmhost $vmhost -Type FibreChannel

Since that pulls only fibre channel HBAs, the foreach changes to simply $hba in $hbas, and the if statement is no longer needed (line 47-50):

foreach ($hba in $hbas){
$wwpn = "{0:x}" -f $hba.PortWorldWideName
Write-Host -foregroundcolor green `t "World Wide Port Name:" $wwpn

Here’s the new version –> Get-WWN.ps1

Installing Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V 3 in VMware ESXi 5 & Workstation 8

I found several posts regarding ‘nesting’ hypervisors (installing a hypervisor within a hypervisor), since I wanted to test out Hyper-V in a VM, and followed this one from William Lam.  It worked to allow Hyper-V to pass validation, but after a few reboots, I’d get the dreaded “Windows can’t boot” screen. You have the option to continue, which only reboots to this screen; repair, which gives a command prompt and a few other options; or power off.

 <-- I would get this far, reboot 3 times, then Windows Server 8 would die, as follows.  <-- First option would end up back here  <-- Second option above ends up here I tried the typical bootcfg commands, but it couldn't read the boot.ini. Some other tests were showing the disk was read-only, which was strange. William's post was for 2008 R2 and not Windows Server 8, but it worked for the most part. I did have a few other issues I worked through, continue reading for those and how I fixed them. Read the rest of this entry »

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